When the Nazis invaded Norway in the 1940s, they labeled Munch’s work “degenerate art” and seized a great deal of it. Though many of the pieces have been returned to the original collectors, we know of several others that have yet to be recovered.

We take this fact and Munch’s lifelong struggle with poverty, alcoholism and acute mental illness into consideration when we investigate the authenticity of our clients’ paintings and drawings. We know that the discovery of previously unknown work is possible, so we exhaust every resource to determine whether your piece is an original.

How it Works

We employ the technique of Morellian Analysis, a stylistic study of the piece in question, and documentary research. When necessary, we also resort to scientific methods of observation: x-ray photography, IR photography, pigment analysis, fingerprint and handwriting analysis, etc.

We have spent years cultivating relationships with artist foundations, museums and auction houses in the US and Norway. Our authentication specialists are leaders in the field and we leverage our connections and resources to your benefit.

Our Opinion Matters

If authenticity is determined by Munch Experts, we issue a Certificate of Authenticity and stand by our opinion. We have been a respected voice in the fine arts community for over a decade.

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